Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor


Widget that reveals an array of data about nearby Wi-Fi networks


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Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor is a sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and a widget for Yahoo Widgets Engine under Window XP that allows you to access a list full of details about your nearby Wi-Fi networks.

The main window on Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor simulates a radar where the location of nearby wireless networks is revealed according to the signal strength.

The bigger, permanent dots indicate the presence of a stable hotspot with strength enough to guarantee a continuous connection. The smaller and intermittent dots indicate the existence of other networks with a much weaker signal.

The “Show details” button, located on the bottom of the main window shows a list with an array of information about all the networks detected by the program: type of authentication and coding, signal strength, channel, frequency, router manufacturer, MAC address, and type of network.

For Windows Vista. Windows XP users should download this version from: Yahoo Widgets Engine.

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